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         Before the release of Cataclysm Myself and a group of friends used to raid in another guild which successfully downed Heroic Lich King in 25man it was thier biggest accomplishment the guild had ever achieved. However since we could not get a repeat kill the guild fell apart and died off. This is where the idea sparked to create the guild Thunderstruck myself (Grimnak) and Bhindyou wanted to form a 10man group of raiders that could not only get things done but also raid late at night where no other guild on illidan does. After weeks of struggle and hardship to get the guild going, which left us on the breaking point of either server transfering or quitting the game entirely we found the guys we were looking for we managed to hit the sweet spot and down 10/13hm with a very short amount of time just about 2 months, we were able to catch and compete with some of the top end guilds on the realm. There is a dark side to the story even though we progressed so quickly drama began to arise as people got cocky and thought they were better than others 2 weeks after the release of firelands we lost 3 out of 10 of our core raiders we tried to replace them to no avail we were not able to start hard mode progression the following week after our first rag kill only repeat what we have done. In the time we have run this guild the question has come up many times weather or not we wanted to convert to a 25man guild instead of 10man, we finally have decided to expand, grow and become a full fledged 25man raiding guild. We want to push this guild even further than it ever has before it has already come alot further than anyone has ever imagined and we plan to keep going and progressing till we are one of the top guilds on illidan! We all have high ambitions and aim to be the best at our classes and this game, we do not wish to carry people we expect everyone to pull their own weight and push themselves to the limit of their abilities and perform better than the average player. Welcome new people, you have just been Thunderstruck! 

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